Fiftyfabulous Knits, episode 41


Welcome to Fiftyfabulous Knits; my knitting podcast. I show what I’m working on, my finished projects, and from time to time also some of my “dream knits”.


Show notes for this and all the previous episodes can be found on my blog:




What I’m wearing
Summer Secret Crop:


November Rain, a new sweater design

The cutest little bunny, made with inspiration from:



Scrappy Shawl, a new design – pattern is in testing, and will come out at some point…


Shifty by Andrea Mowry (, knit in Latwool from By Kiilerich:


Mini Max shawl, a new design in (long…) process



Fall Knitathon
will be on October 15., from 3 pm GMT+1 – more info on



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  1. Anette Holmgren Møller says:

    Hej Pia.
    Hvor er din shifty dog smuk, den bliver jeg simpelthen nødt til at strikke. Findes opskriften på dansk med dine moderationer?
    Mvh Anette.

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