English pattern for On the Go

28,00 DKK

On the Go is a simple cowl, knit in mosaic knitting to make it warm and cozy. The mosaic knitting gives the cowl a nice three-dimensional structure and allows the fiber to catch the air around your neck to keep you warm. When working in mosaic patterns, you only ever use one color yarn at a time, yet still creating a wonderful two-color pattern.


On the Go is knitted holding two strands of yarn together. I have stated the yardage for this cowl in two different ways, because you will get the best result if you take the contrast between your main color and your contrasting color into consideration. I suggest adding either a brushed silk or mohair, or using two strands of contrasting color, depending on the contrast. This way, your colors will blend together beautifully, without the mosaic pattern getting lost.


On the Go is rather close-fitting around your neck. If you prefer to have it looser around the neck, it is easy to add extra stitches – just remember to add extra stitches 4 at a time. 4 extra stitches will add approximately 1.7 cm / .7 inch to the circumference. Be aware that adding stitches obviously will change the yardage!