Drop Top, English

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Drop Top is a light summer top. The front is a classic t-shirt with a deep raglan, but the back has a cut-out detail with a draped “waterfall”, showing the top of your back (without showing your bra-strop!). Because of the “waterfall”, this top is longer in the back than in front and has a very relaxed and casual fit.


It is worked top-down, in the round, with a little  careful shaping of the body to give a good fit, and with rolled over edges for a simple look.


I have used a cashmere/silk blend with a luxurious drape. If you knit it in another yarn, I suggest choosing a heavy fiber with lots of drape, as this top must be worked in a material with a lot of flexibility and movement to work well.




1-2-3 (4-5-6) 7-8



Measurements on finished garment

Bust circumference (without the extra ease from the “waterfall”): 95-105-116 (124-133-139) 152-162 cm / 37.54-41.3-45.7 (48.8-52.4-54.7) 59.8-63.8 inches


Length: 48-49-50 (52-54-54) 56-56 cm / 18.9-19.3-19.7 (20.5-21.3-21.3) 22-22 inches




Drop Top is designed to be knit with some ease – I suggest 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) – but when choosing your size, please remember that the draped waterfall adds extra ease. All measurements is on finished garment, so you can easily add as much or as little ease as you want.




700-750-900 (1000-1100-1200) 1350-1450 meters fingering weight


Please note that yardage is estimated and may vary between knitters!


Sample is knit in Cashmere/Silk, colorway My Way, from A Knitters World: https://www.aknittersworld.dk/collections/cashmere/products/cashmere-silke-my-way



Suggested needle size

Circular needles, 3.75 and 3.25 mm, 3 and 5 US, 80 cm / 32 inches (using magic loop when necessary).

Needle size is only a suggestion – always use the needle size needed to obtain gauge! For this reason, the pattern refers to the smaller and larger needle, rather than a specific size.




21 sts x 30 rnds = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches (after blocking).